How are you?

Dear You #1

Dear You

I'm fine.
I'm good.
I'm doing well.
I'm great!

Isn't this something similar to what you've told people every time they asked, "How are you?", without even bothering how you actually are?

"How are you?" has become a customary question to initiate a conversation. Most of us don't usually care to tell others how we actually are doing.

About two years ago, when someone asked me, “How are you feeling?” instead of “How are you?”, it took me a while to answer the question.

"I'm feeling good," I replied.

It was not a lie. I was happy. Why? Because I could sense they really wanted to know how I was.

Since that day, I have asked people how they are with hopes of knowing how they actually are. I have also made it a point to give an honest answer to the question to people who I think would listen to me.

Before I ask you to share your honest feelings with me, allow me to share mine. 

I am doing okay.
I think I have stopped worrying about the future. I guess so.
I am struggling to come to terms with an incident.
I am trying to live in the present. But it's not that easy.
I am trying to take one day at a time.

Now, I would like to know how are you?

Feel free to share your feelings and thoughts. I'm listening...



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